Fairs are among the most important and efficient tools of promotion, marketing, and communication available today. They have become the point where the supply and the demand meet. For exhibitors, fairs offer the opportunity to promote their products and/or services, analyze the competition and the market, try and/or launch products, visit or being visited by clients, get in touch with suppliers, and close business deals.
Experience has shown that dynamic company participation in fairs and expos is crucial to expand into new markets or retain those already acquired. However, participation alone does not guarantee positive results. You also need to develop creative strategies to effectively maximize the return on investment.

The 10 Advantages of Participation

  1. Many companies under one roof.- Bringing together several companies in the same place at the same time provides an excellent opportunity to make interesting business contacts with potential clients, brokers, operators, and buyers
  2. Visibility.- Fairs are excellent instruments to make your company more visible and showcase your products to a larger number of people. Many exhibitors who have participated in our fairs have closed successful business deals during the events;
  3. Feedback.- Participation to the fair also allows assessing the level of interest and reaction from buyers. Exhibitors can analyze whether or not their products meet the current market needs; 4. Knowledge.- Getting to know your competitors and their products and prices is crucial to improve your own business strategies;
  4. Assessment.- Fairs allow assessing your company ́s capability to seriously address national or international orders;
  5. Technical updating.- Exhibitors can learn about new technologies and new market trends, which can be very useful for the design and development of new products or for the improvement of the existing ones;
  6. Customer acquisition.- Fairs provide the opportunity to get acquainted with thousands of guests with a wide range of needs that you might have never thought to include and reach through your sales network;
  7. Lower cost of sales.- Participating companies can sell many products to a great number of buyers in just a few days;
  8. New contacts.- You can establish new contacts with suppliers and colleagues with whom you will have the opportunity to develop new business transactions;
  9. Positioning.- The participating company gets more attention from competitors and/or potential customers.